The decision to be a SAHM. 

When I found out I was having a baby I was torn between what I should do as far as having a career. 

I have always had a job. I think I got my first real job when I was 12. I grew up on a farm in a small town so that was pretty common. 

I figured I would have my son and then go back to work 12 weeks later.Cut to him being 8 months old now and I’m still at home with him…

After having my own child I couldn’t imagine putting him in the care of someone else full time, even family. Luckily my husband works his ass off for us and allows me to stay home and take care of our son. 

“It must be nice just staying at home all day.” This is the crap I get to hear from people not in my situation. Yes, being able to take care of my son at home is a blessing and I know it’s the best thing for him right now. However, it’s not laying around all day watching Netflix and playing on pinterst (ok maybe occasionally)….it’s actually very challenging. 

It’s lonely. The only person I talk to all day is my baby or my dog…sure I go out to the park and target (duh) but it’s still extremely lonely at times. 

It’s a lot of work. Along with taking care of my child 24/7 no breaks, no place to go drop him off for a few hours while I catch up on sleep, housework, or go to the gym, he’s always there. Then there’s the usual everyday housework to get done on top of that. 

The guilt. I constantly fight the urge to want to take him to daycare a couple days a week to get some free time but guilt of leaving him overpowers my wants. 

The waiting. I know after he gets older everything will be easier. I’ll be able to get my career back on track, he’ll go to preschool and I’ll have a little more freedom but dammit sometimes the waiting really tests my patience! 

So anyways…this is just my decision on how I want to raise my child, there’s no one right or wrong way as long as your kid is loved and happy. 

Shout out to the working moms busting their asses for their family and those single moms killing it on their own with no help-you’re the real MVPs! 

2 thoughts on “The decision to be a SAHM. 

  1. ForensicMom says:

    I got your back! Im a stay stay at home mom as well, of a one year old. I struggle not working because I used to work full time while going to college full time so the transition was difficult for me. I still go to school full-time and raise my boy, and it isn’t easy. Parenting is a full-time job, those without kids don’t comprehend that. They think all we do is sit on our asses. That sure as hell isn’t true. We know what it takes and we are damn good at our job.


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