The mom bod. 

Let’s be honest, your body right after giving birth is not pretty. You’re puffy, swollen, and sore as hell. It’s hard to ever picture yourself as ‘fit’ ever again…

Although everyone is different and bounces back in a different way,I think we can all agree it’s challenging. 

Not only carrying around extra pregnancy weight but all the other changes your body went through during pregnancy and labor. Stretch marks, loose skin, huge boobs, lopsided boobs, whatever it may be, it’s not always easy to accept your new body. 

I was fairly lucky in that I bounced back pretty quick after my son was born. I’m not sure if it was being fit before I got pregnant, exercising during pregnancy or the 1000’s of calories I burned during those many breastfeeding sessions. Whatever it was I consider myself lucky. However with that being said I still struggle every day to accept the fact that I won’t ever look exactly the same as I did before baby and I have to work much harder now, and I’m slowly accepting that daily. 

“You look good for having a baby.” I really dislike hearing this. To me, it’s saying every women who has a baby is supposed to be overweight. Is my body perfect? No, not at all, but just because you gain pregnancy weight doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be 30 pounds overweight for the rest of your life. 

Choose to not look good for having a baby choose to look good and be healthy for yourself and your family. Choose to be happy and feel confident in your own skin. 💪

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