Show your baby daddy some Love! 

As my husbands first Father’s Day approaches, I’m racking my brain to try and find a fun and creative way to make his day special. 

I don’t think expensive extravagant gifts are necessary for holidays like this, I believe showing love and appreciation in some type of small homemade gift or card are always the way to go. 

Here are a few fun ideas to make your guys day extra special: 

1.) Photoshoot. Super simple photoshoot, all you need is your kiddo and a piece of cardboard for the sign! 

I would print out the pictures and put in a frame for his desk at work!

2.) Get a wooden letter D, they are usually around a dollar at Walmart or craft stores. Do a handprint of each child and write a cute note! 

3.) Make him a sweet treat! What man wouldn’t love a bacon covered cake?

4.)I love this idea; find pennies of special dates in your relationship and frame it! 

5.) Last but not least, if all else fails…alcohol! Give dad his favorite booze, but slap a bow on it because it’s a gift, after all! 😉 

I hope you all found some fun ideas for dad! Thanks for reading!

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