Quick Healthy Meal Ideas for the Family

Trying to eat healthy when you’re a busy mom can be challenging.Weather you’re a working mom, single mom, or stay at home mom, having prepared meals for you and your littles can make life so much easier and less chaotic!

For this blog, I’m going to focus on healthy meal ideas for families, some easy meals that the whole family will love! This way you can avoid the drive through on those days when you’re exhausted from mom-ing!

  • Monday-Meatball Monday

Chicken Meatballs-I love these because you can make them ahead of time and pop them in the oven or microwave to heat up. You can throw them on top of rice or pasta and you have a healthy meal for your family.


  • Tuesday-Taco Tuesday

Tacos-Who doesn’t like tacos?! There’s so many ways to make tacos, especially healthy tacos. This recipe will be for a quick crock pot chicken taco recipe, which is perfect for busy family!

Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

  • Wednesday-Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon pizza-WHAT? Yes! and it looks awesome. I would pair this with some grilled chicken or steak! Great to take to a BBQ!

Watermelon Feta and Balsamic “Pizzas”

  • Thursday-Teriyaki Thursday

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Bowl. With any of these “bowl” style recipes, I would suggest making as many of the ingredients ahead of time so you can just throw it all together and enjoy!


  • Friday-Fish Friday

One pan salmon with asparagus.I love this recipe, it has your main course, the salmon and then you cook the asparagus with it and it’s all done and ready to go at the same time!



So there ya have it, 5 family friendly meals for you busy mammas out there!





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